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Your Feedback

We'd love to hear what you think about Drama Workshops, what we are doing right, what we could improve on and what your child has gained from attending our workshops.  Thank you.

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Tracy Dickson - Easter Holiday Workshops
"Thank you both for providing the kids with such fun this morning!  They did not stop for air on the car journey home from talking about the hare, tortoise, commentator, red flags, Sonny had the green flag, lions, mice, laughing, museums, police, security, custard creams, chocolate biscuits, carrots, apples, dancing etc."

Betsy Piers - Holiday Workshops
"I'm not flying to Rome until after drama on Thursday."

Celine de Andria - Party
"I really wanted to thank you VERY MUCH for the party last week. The children thought it was "incredible" (their actual words!).  I have had brilliant feedback from the other parents too: all the children clearly enjoyed themselves!" 

Liz Pierson - Christmas Holiday Workshop 
"I wanted to thank you for the fab workshop the girls attended last week.  They both had a wonderful time and really enjoyed it...  They have asked if they could go back."

Caroline Porter - Party
"On Saturday 23rd November Camilla and David entertained a group of twenty 5-7 year olds at our daughters' birthday party.  Well, what a team they are!  The whole party was a wonderful celebration of all of our daughters' favourite music, films, books and musical theatre, from Matilda to Oliver via Mamma Mia and George's Marvellous Medicine!  Every activity was greeted with enthusiasm as the guests were inspired by David and Camilla to become their favourite characters and sing, dance and act as a team creating a wonderful atmosphere for every child to become involved.  I would highly recommend David and Camilla to anyone who would love a party full of laughter and enthusiasm!"

Jo Jackson - Party 
"I just wanted to thank you and David so much for the workshop you held today at Claudia's birthday party.  You engaged a hot group of children brilliantly, and I was touched by how thoughtful and personal the 'dog adventure' was. The children loved it, and two proclaimed at lunch that it was 'the best party ever'... And I am pretty sure that was not a comment on the food!

As for the birthday girl, a proper card will follow shortly, but when asked her favourite part of your workshop, she said 'all of it'! As I said to you before, she is quite shy, but you pitched things perfectly and she had a wonderful time.

Thank you so much. I will definitely recommend you to friends and would be delighted to incorporate more of your wonderful creativity and imagination into future birthday parties."
Kay Bascombe - St Agatha's After School Club 
She has absolutely loved drama with you since Yr 1 and has looked forward to her Monday after-school club so much because of your creativity, enthusiasm and lovely caring ways.  She has had so much fun over the years and I just wanted to thank you for giving her some insight into the magic of drama and the all the fun possible.
Agi Hurst - St Matthew's After School Club
Thanks for making it possible for Sophie to come to drama next term. She really enjoys the sessions and has been asking me for a while if she'll be able to continue...she said she loves drama and would like to carry on. Whatever you're doing, it's clearly working for Sophie!
Katie Sene - Holiday Workshop - February 2013
"Aurelie had a great time at the half term workshop.  She was disappointed to only be doing one morning so thank you!"
Kay Bascombe - Party
"Just a note to thank you so much for an amazing drama workshop at Emily's party today.  The girls were transported into a fabulous fantasy world and were thrilled, excited and amazed - almost all at once!  Emily and all the girls had a really wonderful time - so thanks very much."
Jessica Hurl - After School Drama Club
"Thank you for your fantastic help in developing his confidence and teaching him acting skills."

Alina Ber - After School Drama Club
"Helena had a brilliant time... kids gain loads of confidence during your fantastic sessions!"

Liz Dimond - Saturday classes
"Thank you for all the fun, enthusiasm and kindness over the last couple of years - Is' has really loved the classes and they've been a wonderful arena for her imagination and spirit."

Mary Painting - Lunchtime Drama Club
"Just to say Amelia loved her drama class today. She wants to do it every day!"

Susana Eddy - Drama Workshops Party
"Maria loved the workshop and I have had mums come to me to say their daughters had had a remarkably fun time in the drama session.  The way you mixed drama with travel and dance, the orchestra, Maria's favourite books... was outstanding, and all done in good taste and in a way that boosted the girls' confidence and enjoyment.  After many parties for Maria, this is the first where I have felt truly pleased and proud of what was achieved.  Many thanks and all the best."

Liz Thompson - Drama Workshop Party
"Thanks so much.  We really thought you were brilliant.  Saskia loved the party and the activities you did were so cleverly worked out."

Jo Mann - Drama Workshop Party
"I just wanted to thank you very much for making Georgie's party so much fun.  We have had lots of compliments from parents and children saying it was the best party they'd been to in ages.  Everyone, especially Georgie, had a fantastic time - so thank you very much."

Katy Taylor - Drama Workshop Party
"Thank you so much for a great workshop on Saturday.  The kids loved it, especially Harry, which is the main thing.  Thanks also for the very generous book you gave him - it was perfect."  

Julie Smith, Deputy Head Teacher of Robin Hood Primary School
"I was really impressed by your drama workshop today. It had so many facets! The pace of the session was really effective, giving a full and multi-sensory whirlwind tour of the Far East. I made so many notes! It has inspired my theme for next year's Arts fortnight. I will definitely be making a booking at some stage in the coming year, funds permitting. Rest assured I will be on touch!"

Nicky Mayle, Deputy Head Teacher (KS2) of St Agatha's RC Primary School
"Thank you so much for running the drama workshops for KS2.  The children all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learned a lot.  You are both clearly very talented and inspiring."

Kestrels Class (Year 4), St Agatha's RC Primary School
"Thank you for your fabulous drama workshop. I had a brilliant experience of how Thai people live. My favourite subject was the tuk tuk."  * "Smelling new spices was a great experience and it makes me want to go to Thailand when I'm older. When we had a trek through the jungle it was a bit scary at first with the snakes and tigers but then I got into it and it was super fun!  Thank you!" * "I felt as if I actually was in Thailand. Thank you for everything." * "I enjoyed the acting you did.  It has inspired me to be an actress when I am older." * "I mostly enjoyed it when we did the trek through the jungle.  I'm glad you were there or I would have been eaten by a crocodile!" * "I particularly enjoyed the Thai dancing.  It was funny watching the boys dance."

Emma and Jo - Royal Wedding Street Party Organisers
"Thank you so much for running the fantastic drama workshops at the Street Party.  The kids absolutely loved them." 
Helen Marino
"Will we really have to wait till next week for drama?!!!!  Luca is desperate to do them again, it was his first question this morning! This is a credit to you, he loves it."  

Rachael Costelloe
"Kitty has so enjoyed her Saturday mornings at drama, and will really miss it.  She has gained so much confidence from your workshops, thanks so much." 
Kristen Calloway 
"Dylan has loved every moment of your workshops.  From the very first class she participated confidently and enthusiastically, telling us in great detail all the things she had done in each class.  From a parent’s point of view, you and David have such a natural and easily achieved rapport with the children and classes seem to be a great deal of fun!"  

Linda Iravani 
"Emilia loved attending the Drama workshops.  It was the right mix of fun and drama, whilst building inner confidence.  I believe this was completely down to the two teachers Camilla and David who created a safe, comfortable and fun environment where the children could express themselves freely.  My daughter can't wait til the Xmas holidays so she can attend the holiday club too!"   

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