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LAMDA Graded Examinations in Performance: Acting

LAMDA Speech & Drama classes are drama lessons leading to exams set by the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art.  These exams are designed to develop the skills necessary to communicate dramatic text to an audience. Learners who prepare themselves appropriately will develop interpretative skills, technical skills and knowledge of the performance process.  It is hoped students will grow in vocal and physical confidence, developing self-expression, and learn to work creatively and sympathetically with others.  It is our aim for the students to acquire knowledge and skills whilst having fun in a relaxed and positive atmosphere.  

During exams, the students will be required to perform scenes from memory, audiby and clearly, showing that they understand the meaning of what they are speaking and be able to use the space to complement their performance.  Monologues as well as duologues can be chosen. 

Children who do not wish to take part in the exams can still learn the same techniques and skills and have a chance to show what they have learned to parents/carers at the end of year presentation.

Students studying the LAMDA can lead towards gaining UCAS points that can be used towards degree courses.

What students will learn:-

  • speaking clearly - improving diction and clarity
  • conveying mood and meaning
  • using effective body language and facial expresssions
  • skills for individual performance
  • working independently
  • creativity
  • listening skills
  • performing with others
  • giving and receiving appropriate feedback

The LAMDA Examination - Details

  • All students will be required to learn one or two pieces depending on which level of exam they take.  Those who learn their lines promptly and securely will give themselves the full opportunity to explore creating character and strengthening their performance.  Students are expected to practice their pieces in their own time in addition to these classes.
  • Examinations are taken on an annual basis and are assessed by an external examiner in London.  Candidates are awarded with a Pass, Merit or Distinction and are issued with a certificate approximately 6 weeks after the examination.

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