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Online 1:1 Acting Classes
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Terms & Conditions

Drama Workshops provide online video acting classes for one or two students at a time.  Camilla Vella or David Hinton, who are partners in Drama Workshops, will be working with each student. Both are professional actors with over 50 years’ experience between them and both have up-to-date Enhanced DBS Certificates and a Safe-Guarding Level 2 qualification. For the purposes of these Term & Conditions, Camilla Vella and David Hinton will be referred to as Drama Workshops. 


1. These lessons must be delivered using a parent or carer’s device: no school or personal laptops/tablets of the student can be used;


2. ZOOM will be the method of video conferencing Drama Workshops will be using. Therefore the parent/carer should download the App and register the account.  When lessons are about to take place the parent/carer must log in and not the pupil;


3. The ZOOM video will be initiated by the parent/carer who will contact Drama Workshops on ZOOM at the agreed time. Drama Workshops will confirm the agreed date and time of the lessons in advance and forward to the parent/carer the Meeting ID and password via email;


4. All participants must wear suitable (as should anyone else in the household whilst the lesson is taking place);


5. The lesson must take place in a suitable room and NOT a bedroom.  A quiet room, without any distractions, is preferable;


6. All lessons must be supervised by an adult with parental responsibility for the pupil. Drama Workshops will check that a parent/carer is present at the start of the lesson and the lesson will be terminated if no such adult is seen;


7. Students must not share any files other than music or relevant supporting materials over ZOOM;


8. Students must not share any content with Drama Workshops over social media;


9. All other web browsers and programs on the device must be closed before starting the lesson; 


10. Students/Parents/Carers with any safe-guarding concerns should email immediately.


The Terms & Conditions outlined above are based on the current government and DFE guidance on video-conferencing for schools. 


Further guidance can be found here: 



            Terms & Conditions for Online Video Conferencing 06052020

Payment Facility

Please note there is a nominal transaction fee of 50p added to each booking to cover a small proportion of the fees charge to Drama Workshops by PayPal to use their facility.

Fees Structure

Student - monologue (30 minute class) - £15.00 x 5 weeks = £75.00

with 20% discount £60.00 for first 5 weeks

Student - duologue (30 minute class) - £13.00 x 5 weeks = £65.00

with 20% discount £52.00 for first 5 weeks

Only one discount per student can be used

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